Episode 09: CHAD and CHRIS of Primal Pal

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chad and chris- TransitioningToPaleo.comCHAD & CHRIS, are the brains behind the Primal Pal, a tool which gives you a fully customized weekly meal plan that not only gives you delicious recipes for each meal that week but also lays out the meals for you to eat that week, plus it generates an ingredient and food shopping list for everything you’ll need to get for that week. Talk about a complete done-for-you resource here!

Both Chris and Chad have come face-to-face with the roadblocks of starting and sticking with a Paleo diet. After searching for a tool that would help them customize Paleo meal plans for their own needs and coming up empty handed, they decided to create PrimalPal.

Chad is a former collegiate athlete, sprinter extraordinaire and outdoor enthusiast. Chad was looking to get in better shape and to increase his energy levels during the day. He found the Paleo way of eating and decided to learn all he could about it.

Chris, on the other hand, is a health and fitness enthusiast, lover of Vibram Five-Finger Shoes and Certified Stand Up Paddle Fitness Instructor. Not too long ago he was struggling to get in better shape and was having a hard time making sense of all the conflicting nutrition information available to the public. He stumbled across the idea of eating like a caveman and that soon led him to the Paleo diet and lifestyle.

We are thrilled to hear more of their stories as we take them back to their journey when they first started living the Paleo Lifestyle.

Discover more of CHAD AND CHRIS  inside this beautiful infographic show notes, as they take you on their journey to successfully transitioning to the Paleo Diet and Lifestyle, plus their top 3 Tips & Advice…

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