Episode 08: KATY Haldiman of The Paleo Nurse

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katy haldiman- TransitioningToPaleo.comKATY Haldiman, a registered nurse, is the founder of the popular paleo blog , Paleo nurse.com blog, where she shares her story on how she healed herself of gastrointestinal and autoimmune disease by following a whole food, nutrient-dense, traditional diet.

It is her mission to help others make healing changes in their own lives through the power of real food and other ancestral health techniques.

We are thrilled to hear more of her stories as we take her back to her journey when she first started living the Paleo Lifestyle.

Discover more of KATY HALDIMAN inside this beautiful infographic show notes, as she takes you on her journey to successfully transitioning to the Paleo Diet and Lifestyle, plus her top 3 Tips & Advice…

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