Episode 05: MICHELLE Norris of Paleo F(x)

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michellecurtisnorris_1388614573_92 MICHELLE Norris, is a paleo advocate after her own successful transformation following the tenets of the Paleo Diet.

She lives and breathes Paleo, and she is adamant about bringing Paleo – the diet, the lifestyle and the community engagement – to the masses.

Michelle is the co-founder of Paleo F(x), an annual event dedicated to advancing and promoting the functional paleo approach to health.

Additionally, she is the Executive Chef, owner and founder of Instinct Catering & Events, a major sponsor of Paleo f(x), and a Founding Partner of ID Life.

Discover more of MICHELLE NORRIS inside this beautiful infographic show notes, as she takes you on her journey to successfully transitioning to the Paleo Diet and Lifestyle, plus her top 3 Tips & Advice…

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